Taylor's Way: Life Lessons Through The Eyes of a Three-Year Old

Taylor's Way: Life Lessons Through The Eyes of a Three-Year Old

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Have you ever spent time observing a child or group of children and how they conduct their young lives? The one thing you will immediately notice is that they live life by their instincts.

They are enthusiastic, always eager to learn, curious, brave, and will try almost anything without hesitation. These characteristics and more are all the keys to happiness but unfortunately as we transition from childhood to adulthood we replace these natural instincts with what adults call "reality."

As I watched my daughter Taylor grow, I began to realize that she had not been tainted by our ideas of "reality" and as a result was always happy and tended to get everything she wanted out of life effortlessly. Isn't that what we all want of our lives? In the following pages you will read in detail the valuable lessons I've learned from my three year old daughter.

Each chapter illustrates through the eyes of a child how you can live a happier life the way it was intended for you to live! Life is abundant! Life is enjoyable! Life is exactly how you imagined it in your wildest dreams! Today is the day that you bring it back to that essence!

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